About Us

Founded in 1987 in New York, USA

"Paäge [et Cie] has made a career out of helping people wrestle control over the details of everyday living."

Westchester County Business Journal

High-touch Service

We treat each client like they are our only client. They rest comfortably knowing we have everything in hand.


Our Story

Paäge et Cie was founded in 1987 by Claudette Paäge, then a banker for one of New York’s leading financial institutions. During her time in the banking industry, Claudette saw a need among her clients for more assistance with their finances, and management of their everyday lives, than they had access to. To fill this need, she founded Paäge et Cie. Her broad experience in banking and marketing, combined with her devotion to her clients, have resulted in a company that stands as a paragon of personal management services. Today, Paäge et Cie is a leading provider of confidential financial and organizational services.


Our Clients

Busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists
Frequent travelers for business, education, or pleasure
Individuals and families
Estate executors and trustees
Athletes and entertainers
Young and older adults
Busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists
Homeowners with multiple residences, both in the USA and in other countries

Trusted 3 Generations

We are honored to have been trusted to manage the affairs of 3 generations within the same families.


We didn’t come to this work by chance. We’re a select group of people who are the best at what we do. Serving with integrity is our highest aim.

Claudette E. Paäge

Before opening Paäge et Cie, Claudette accrued almost two decades of experience in the banking industry, resulting in her broad-based abilities to handle a wide range of financial and organizational needs for her clients. As founder of Paäge et Cie, many of Claudette’s clients are now 2nd and 3rd generation family members who trust and rely on the same eye for detail and customized services she provided to her first clients.

Patrick O. Anderson

Patrick is responsible for the healthcare division at Paäge et Cie. He is a registered nurse with extensive experience in home healthcare and the fields of psychiatry and geriatrics. He collaborates with multidisciplinary team members, working closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to formulate, implement and modify our clients’ plan of care. Patrick also serves as a liaison between the medical profession and family members.

Haver Ritchie Matthews

A vital contributor to the healthcare division at Paäge et Cie, Haver is a licensed practical nurse with extensive hospital nursing experience. In caring for our clients, Haver is known for her excellent clinical skills, the ability to remain calm and focused under pressure and the strength to make correct decisions in emergency situations. Haver’s interpersonal skills and amazing personality allow her to quickly establish great rapport with our clients.

Ankit Jain

As our IT guru, Ankit handles both in-house and client technological issues. He is instrumental in keeping our computers, networks and mobile devices running smoothly while getting the most out of today’s ever-changing technology. Ankit maintains all of our hardware and software by troubleshooting and handling installations and upgrades. He also researches, tests and provides training on the productivity apps we use and recommend to clients.