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If I could tell you one thing, it would be this—don’t wait until an emergency or unexpected event strikes to begin looking for important documents. As an organizational consultant, some of the more common challenges I encounter are:

  1. Families scrambling to locate important documents, such as a birth or marriage certificate, a will, or even a cemetery deed.
  2. Individuals, families, and those important to them struggling needlessly due to poor financial planning or inadequate advice.
  3. Older adults who live independently becoming so overwhelmed with routine daily tasks that they cannot make meaningful decisions concerning financial management and estate planning.


The following tips come from my booklet,  No Time Like Now: A Guide To Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information. Use these free tips and documents as a starting point for organizing your important documents.

If you find these documents helpful and want even more help organizing your traditional and digital information, and getting your affairs in order, go pick up a copy of my booklet. You’ll find everything you need inside to make organizing your life easier.

These documents are in PDF format. Please be sure to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. For more information regarding the PDF, please visit:

Estate Planning Checklist

The Estate Planning Checklist allows you to gather, organize, and maintain an inventory of your most important documents. Using the checklist will give you a clear understanding of the documents you have—and even more importantly, the documents you’re missing.

To get started, spend a few minutes each day going over the list to locate the documents you have and the ones you still need. 

If you’re missing any of the important documents on the list, make an appointment to see an estate attorney and/or make arrangements to get copies of any missing vital documents, such as birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates.

Go to vital documents and then select the state in which the event occurred to find out how to get the missing documents.

Once you’ve completed the Estate Planning Checklist, you can rest assured that any important paperwork you’ll need in the event of an emergency or death is right at your fingertips. After all, “never” happens all the time—as State Farm’s tagline points out—and isn’t that the truth?

For more in-depth information, tips, and valuable resources on how to organize your important documents, grab a copy of No Time Like Now: A Guide To Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information.

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Important Documents and Information For Funeral Director and Obituary

Making funeral arrangements for a loved one undoubtedly feels daunting and emotional, yet necessary.

This checklist helps you prepare and organize the important bereavement documents and information needed when you meet with the funeral director to discuss final arrangements and to prepare the obituary.

Completing this checklist at any age –– whether you’re 18 or 100 –– makes sense since it’s never too soon to get you and your loved ones’ important documents and personal information in order.

You will reap the benefits immediately by enjoying the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for life’s unexpected.

For more in-depth information, tips and valuable resources on how to organize your important documents, grab a copy of No Time Like Now-A Guide To Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information.

Download Paäge et Cie Free Fillable Desktop Password Manager

Almost every website you visit requires the creation of an account. With that comes the challenge of creating a myriad of usernames, passwords, security questions, and answers. Our brains are on overload as it is, and now we ask it to remember a million and one passwords… and then some.

While the effort seems overwhelming, digital security measures are paramount in keeping your personal and private information safe. Password management is at the top of the list.

Several options exist for safely and securely storing your passwords: 

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