Claudette has been helping myself and my wife for about twenty years, starting when she assisted my aged mother, who died in 1994 when she was nearly 100 years of age. After that Claudette has looked after my disabled, and now elderly, sister in every way: maintaining a bank account, handling her Social Security income, paying the rent and other bills, ensuring tax returns are submitted, providing helpers, looking after her medical needs, taking care of crises, some very serious, while always acting coolly, calmly and to great effect.

I am the only close relative of my sister and we live in Australia. My wife and I do not know how we could have managed my mother’s and my sister’s affairs without Claudette. Sometimes blessings are bestowed on us, and Claudette certainly has been one. She is a wonderful, dependable person who is truly interested in the well-being of her clients. My wife calls her our ‘miracle’ worker. We shall always be grateful to her.