Paäge et Cie was recommended to my family over fifteen years ago when my mother first started showing signs of early dementia which later became Alzheimer’s Disease. Paäge et Cie provided outstanding service to a lady who was reluctant to have any sort of assistance. They were respectful and listened to my families concerns. My mother had grown up on the Upper East Side on New York and was accustomed to a lifestyle and manners that Paäge took great care in finding a suitable staff to fit. A strong trustful relationship was built that endured her illness: they were available at all hours to provide relief for our concerns, all accounting and bills were overseen and taken care of, all medical emergencies were handled with excellence and discretion, and the staff took great care in keeping my mother comfortable and content with unique professionalism.

I was so impressed with their management style that I chose to continue to use Paäge et Cie services for my own household. They created a level of service, with appropriate salaries and benefits, that met the needs of my employees and the ever changing guidance required with three young boys.

They are a real pleasure to work with and surpass my expectations always.