Here's how to find every file and folder on your PC – the answer is Everything Search Engine.

Ever since updating my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I have experienced difficulty using Windows to search for files. If you’re like me, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending precious time searching for a file or a document and not being able to quickly pull it up.

Finally, Ankit found the solution to my problem! It’s called Everything Search Engine by Voidtools.

Everything Search Engine is made by Voidtools.

Everything Search Engine is a desktop app that acts like a search engine, except that it does everything on your computer instead of the Internet. The app works for Windows 10 to rapidly find files and folders by name. No matter where you may have saved the document, as long as you remember part of the file or folder name, it will pop right up during an Everything Search Engine search. Unlike a Windows search, Everything Search Engine shows you all of your files and folders so you can find what you need.

This app locates files and folders by name instantly.

All you need to do is download the free Everything Search Engine app from the Voidtools website, install it and let it run. The first time the app runs, it miraculously creates an index consisting of the name of every file and folder on your device. This takes about two seconds, literally.

Once the indexing is complete, Everything Search Engine will continually update your files and folders, so you’ll never worry that it’s not up-to-date with the latest documents, images and files you save on your computer.

Everything Search Engine icon

Here is what the icon will look like on your computer.

When you need to find a document, simply enter part of the name of the file or folder into the search field. Almost instantly, results will appear. You can also search for file extensions, such as .doc or .jpg. If you have a large folder of documents, you can also search just that folder for the specific file you need.

If you experience any problems, Voidtools offers both a forum and thorough support documentation to answer your questions. Everything Search Engine also gives you options on the language you want to use.

This is just another one of my favorite productivity hacks that will hopefully streamline your workflow. For more of my tips and tricks for increased productivity, check out 52 Apps, Links, and Tools I Use for Enhanced Productivity.