Look around your home. Are you a collector? Items stored everywhere? How much do you have invested in suits, shoes, home electronics, collectibles, rugs, or art?  With our easy to use database softwares, Collectify™ Collectors' Edition and Collectify™ Home Inventory, you'll always know what you have, where it is, what it cost, where it came
from, and what it's worth.

Collectify™ Collectors' Edition
Your own personal curator for $189.95

If you are a collector, estate planner, appraiser, curator, wealth family office manager, or accountant...

Collectify™ Collectors' Edition, the only fully customizable collections management software available, lets you:

  • easily manage your collections and collectibles, from each item's provenance to its insurance value.
  • choose from 33 pre-defined collection types or customize fields to fit your collection or use.
  • keep all costs related to an object and track profits and losses with the automatic accounting features.
  • create biographies of artists, authors, creators, and link them to the object.
  • be reminded when your insurance policy is up for renewal, items on loan are to be returned and other important dates.
  • record important information on the condition of an object.
  • retain any available information associated with an object as its provenance and expertise are invaluable.
  • store all insurance policies, insurance claims and the outcome of those claims.
  • gather all forms of literature, audio or video, relating to your object or its creator.
  • keep track of consignment works for sale.
  • keep a journal, e.g how it was your came to purchase the item.
  • simply select from 40 template reports or customize your own.
  • document financial and insurance details of your collection.
  • store appraisals, receipts, catalogs and other documents associated with your objects.
  • easily generate an insurance report at the click of a button.
  • email reports to insurance carriers, brokers, family and friends.
  • build profiles of artists, manufacturers, framers, restorers, auction houses, and link them to the objects in your collection.
  • store images, sound clips, and videos about objects
  • track the location of your objects. If on loan, know when that object will be returned.
  • Import/Export dBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, .txt, .csv files.

Collectify™ Home Inventory
Simplify … Organize … Protect for $29.95

If you have personal possessions and need a simple solution to your home inventory needs...

Collectify™ Home Inventory lets you:

  • easily create an inventory of your belongings, from the shoes in your closet to your collection of baseball cards.
  • drag and drop digital images of your objects directly into the software.
  • locate each and every object in any room or home(s).
  • store all insurance policies, insurance claims and the outcome of those claims.
  • Personalize the rooms, the descriptions.
  • Inventory multiple rooms, multiple location.
  • Choose from hundreds of objects commonly found in a given room in your home or customize your own.
  • Store all your receipts, manuals, warranties and other important personal and household documents related to that object.
  • Easily generate an insurance report at the click of a button.
  • Record changes in home construction, compare damage progression.
  • Prepare and store emergency plans, routes, family and pet images.
  • Store images, sound clips, and videos.
  • Import/Export dBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, .txt, .csv files.
  • Protect your assets should you suffer loss or damage to your possessions.
  • Ensure that your children put valuable items on a pedestal, not in a garage sale.


We invite you to visit us at collectify.com, where you can download your copy of Collectify™ Collectors' Edition and/or Collectify™ Home Inventory to your PC. We also have a 30-day free trial  of Collectify™ Collectors' Edition  and a 10-item unlimited time trial for Collectify™ Home Inventory.  Our Customer Support Team is always there to help you with any questions.

Interested in anytime anywhere access to your collections database? With a Collectify Cloud monthly subscription starting at $19.95, you can access Collectify™ Collectors' Edition and/or Collectify™ Home Inventory remotely to manage all your possessions anytime, anywhere, from any device.  You'll never lose the data, even if your computer gets lost, stolen or destroyed. Have the peace of mind knowing that your Private Cloud is secure.

For additional information, please contact:

Linda Durham
Director of Communications Collectify LLC
(514) 816-6636
Technical Support: (800) 932-5811