Shopping apps and tools add to the fun for those who love to shop, whether online or in a store. Even if you hate shopping, I’ve found a handful of websites and mobile phone apps help turn shopping expeditions into organized adventures.

Whether you love to shop or not, the following tools and shopping apps simplify your buying experience while potentially saving you time and money. Just think of the activities for which you’ll have more time thanks to implementing these tips whenever you shop!

  1. American Express Business Platinum– I highly recommend applying for and using an American Express card. I’ve been a loyal cardholder for over 25 years and with good reason. American Express has consistently offered travel perks. Plus, they help settle purchase disputes and more. I use their concierge services for my clients and they always make me look good. Download the Amex Mobile app to keep an eye on your spending. This is one of those shopping apps that also helps find savings at places you plan to visit and receive purchase alerts.
  1. PayPal – I shop online using “only” my AMEX card. But if I really want to buy a product or service and they do not take AMEX but offer PayPal as an option, I change the payment option to my PayPal account. I love PayPal because it’s easy to track your purchases online and to make payments via a shopping cart or directly to someone’s email address. Plus, once you enter your credit card information to set up a PayPal account, you never need to enter that info again when making a purchase. This provides a level of security since your valuable information cannot be stolen if the merchant’s site gets hacked. PayPal also offers shopping apps for smartphones so you can shop and send money from just about anywhere.
  1. RetailMeNot – Check out this website, and you’ll never have to cut coupons from various retailers again. Simply print coupons on your own printer, and bring them to the store. Or, you can also copy and paste promo codes for use in online stores. RetailMeNot also makes choosing and sending eGift cards super-easy, ideal for a last-minute gift. Download their app and use it to find promo codes or that day’s hot deals when you’re on the go.
  1. Receiptmate – This shopping app scans receipts into Evernote for easy expense tracking. The app lets you specify tags and notebooks to stay organized and to easily create reports showing your totals. The app is fun since you simply use your finger to highlight the amount and title on your receipt, and the app does the rest.
  1. Slice – The Slice app tracks the progress of your purchases, alerts you when a package is shipped and lets you know about price adjustments on products you bought so you can seek a refund. You can also use Slice to find receipts if you need to return an item or keep track of purchases for reimbursement. We also love these types of shopping apps when they provide alerts about products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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