I’m pleased to announce that my recent article about making this the year to organize important documents was published on Examiner.com. The article was also picked up by Collectify, a company that provides software solution in collections management and home inventory needs.

Recently, the folks at Collectify (big shout-out to Frank and Linda!) gave me an insightful demo of the latest and more advanced features and benefits of the software. If you haven’t tried Collectify yet, I believe you’ll also find it very useful.

Collectify offers two versions of its software: a Home Inventory and a Collector’s Edition. Each version includes a ton of features and benefits such as:

  • Stores receipts, important documents, images, videos, appraisals and catalogs of your objects
  • Documents contents by room and in multiple homes
  • Easily generates insurance reports
  • Offers 33 pre-defined collection types or you can create custom fields for managing collectibles
  • Click here for more features and benefits

Right now, you can download a free 10-item trial of Collectify Home Inventory, ideal if you need a simple way to track your clients’ household inventory. Or you can try the Collectify Collectors’ Edition for art, coins and the like – I recommend giving the 30-day free trial a spin.

I hope you enjoy using this software as much as my clients and I do! Meanwhile, click here to read my article about organizing important documents.

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