Everyone has heard of cloud storage, but not many fully understand it. Any online, digital storage platforms are considered The Cloud, meaning whether it’s Google, DropBox, Evernote or any of the other myriad storage platforms, that’s where your files live.

1. You Can Gain Access from Anywhere

The biggest and best part of Cloud Storage is the number one selling factor: You can access from anywhere. Instead of backing up files on a hard drive that could potentially crash, cloud storage allows you to backup all your files and then access them from any location.

2. It’s a Better Way to Send Files

Cloud storage can offer help when emailing attachments and sending files. By uploading what you want to send to The Cloud, then sharing the link via email, it helps large files send faster and keeps emails clean.

3. Keep Up-to-Date To-Do List.

If you want to keep a to-do list that syncs across all your devices, using a Cloud service like Google Tasks, Evernote, or Dropbox lets you keep a list that is always updated.

4. Manage Limited Versions of Documents

When you create a document in The Cloud, then updates are automatically saved within The Cloud each time you access the files. Instead of creating or downloading documents to your hard drive in different locations, which can become quite confusing, using The Cloud to update documents allows real-time updates and eliminates the confusion of “old” versions of your files. It also means when you share a file from your Cloud, you know you’re sending the latest version.

5. You Can Back Up Your Whole Life

By far the best thing about Cloud Storage is its capacity for back-ups. The Cloud allows you to backup all your files, photos, music, your phone, and computer. In the past, when a device crashed, you would lose everything. Now, with Cloud Storage, you never have to worry about losing your important files and precious memories because they are stored in a safe, easily accessible place.

It’s important to understand Cloud Storage and all the ways it can make your life easier. From files to photos to phones to computers, Cloud Storage has revolutionized the way we use technology. By taking the time to understand it fully, you can increase your productivity and ensure all your files are backed up. Check out a list of our productivity tools here.