Spring has sprung! Time to get organized!

Spring has sprung! Now is the perfect time of year to use spring cleaning to improve your home and life for a fresh start with the new season. You’ll also feel invigorated and energetic as you head into summer.

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier
in the spring and stay that way later in the fall. I would go
to more dances. I would ride more merry-go-rounds.
I would pick more daisies.”
Nadine Stair

We posted a similar article several years ago, and it was so popular that I want to give you more tips to prepare you for spring cleaning. Follow this spring cleaning checklist to clean and organize your home and your life so you can enjoy all summer has to offer.


  • Clean windows and glass doors to let all of that spring light in.
  • Dust light fixtures and lamps to create a welcoming ambience in the evening.
  • Polish fixtures in your home, including doorknobs, window latches and cabinet handles/knobs.
  • Declutter the junk drawer –– get rid of anything you no longer use.
  • Reorganize cupboards and kitchen drawers, placing commonly used items in easy-to-reach spots.
  • Give tile and wood floors a thorough cleaning.
  • Reduce hay fever symptoms by deep cleaning rugs and carpets.
  • Test and replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, keeping in mind most alarms last about 10 years at most.

Furniture and Décor

  • Reconfigure your bookshelves and accessories to refresh each room’s style.
  • Polish wood furniture, and clean upholstered furniture.
  • Visit garage sales and discount stores as well as eBay and Etsy to find interesting and complementary furnishings and accessories to update rooms.
  • Arrange cut flowers or live blooming plants in strategic locations to add color and a fresh scent.


  • Shift spring/summer clothing to the front of your closet. Move winter clothing to the back.
  • Start organizing one shelf at a time so the task doesn’t become overwhelming.
  • Check clothing for damage, and have everything mended and dry cleaned so all is fresh and ready to go.
  • Start a box for donating clothes and accessories you haven’t worn or used in the past year.
  • Sort through the medicine cabinet, and take expired and unused medications to the proper disposal sites.

Container Organization

Finding and using the right tools is important to successfully organize your home and simplify keeping everything in the right space. The Container Store is an excellent resource to find tools to easily organize and declutter your life. They offer a variety of storage solutions, including containers for household organization and projects. Maximize your spending – sign up for their POP! Star newsletter and receive coupons and discounts.

Here are some ideas for organizing your home using tools from the Container Store:

  • Group knickknacks and other loose items in storage containers to prevent the small items from being spread across the house.
  • Store jewelry in organizers to make it easier to find your favorite accessories.
  • Hang a shower caddy and add a box to hold makeup and other accessories in your bathroom.
  • Add closet-organizing tools to keep commonly used accessories in one section, such as a hook to hold purses, belts or scarves.
  • Store shoes in shoe boxes, sort the boxes based on season, and keep the out-of-season shoes in the back of your closet.
  • Keep office and hobby supplies in bins to keep clutter out of the way.

Should you need help organizing your home, please give us a call at 914-725-0343.  Paäge et Cie’s professional assistance is designed to make it easy for you to organize every aspect of your life. We help you set up the right system, and are also available to help with ongoing maintenance. Contact us today for more information!