Claudette Paäge, once a banker at one of New York’s leading financial institutions, founded Paäge et Cie Personal Management Services in 1987. Paäge is now a leading provider of confidential financial and organization services, including daily money and lifestyle management as well as elder care services. Her clients include busy professionals, individuals, families and frequent travelers. She also works with homeowners with residences in the USA and other countries as well as owners of multiple residences. Her clients include young and older adults and retirees.

Paäge et Cie offers personal management services that can simplify the life of its clients by helping them manage:

  • Multiple accounts, regular bill paying and bills due at different times of the month
  • Medical claims to file
  • A variety of investments and paperwork
  • Caring for aging family members and loved ones
  • Other mundane but very necessary tasks to alleviate the stress and worry in their lives.

Claudette Paäge also offers her expertise to help people get organized and prepared for life’s unexpected events in her book, “No Time Like Now, A Guide to Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information.” This booklet serves as a blueprint for getting your important documents, estate and financial planning in order. The helpful guide provides the key to making personal and financial arrangements before a life-changing event or crisis occurs.

People of all ages from Millennials and Baby Boomers to older adults will find the cutting edge tips and useful checklist just what is needed to organize and be prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns. “No Time Like Now” includes lots of valuable information and resources, including links to mobile apps, websites and online tools. It includes an important documents checklist and lists all of the personal financial documents that should be included in your digital estate records.

“No Time Like Now” includes critical information and valuable tips on:

  • Locating, reviewing, organizing and safeguarding household documents and inventory
  • Keeping your digital information safe from scammers
  • Preparing, managing and sharing digital information
  • Gathering health records for instant access in an emergency situation
  • Reducing tax time stress by collecting and organizing paperwork year round for easy access
  • Organizing records to minimize taxes
  • Reducing asset loss
  • Streamlining money management task

The book also includes tips for:

  • Preparing and/or updating estate plans, including your Advance Directives, Will, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy
  • Appointing someone you trust and who is competent to handle your final wishes
  • Reviewing beneficiary designations on documents, including life insurance policies, IRAs, bank accounts and pensions
  • Choosing a guardian for minor children.
  • Writing and sign a Letter of Instruction for your loved ones
  • Creating a list of digital assets in your Will
  • Using the latest technology to stay organized, keep safe on the web and guard valuable data.

All of this valuable information is included in “No Time Like Now, A Guide to Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information.” But if the task still seems too daunting, you will find Claudette Paäge and her team online at to take the worry and complication out of your hands. Paäge et Cie offers peace of mind through their services.

Click here to download the PDF or print version of No Time Like Now.