Reflections on the Year
By Clare A. Piro

Around this time of year, most people are considering resolutions for the new year. I never did that because I feel if you want to change something to be more positive, why wait? I prefer to reinvent myself or incorporate changes as they come to mind and when I can commit to them, be it on a Tuesday in March or the last week in December.

I’m not without end of the year rituals though. Mine are just in terms of the past rather than the future. I spend some time reflecting on the year that has passed.
It’s a little too difficult for me to do this in my head, so I actually look through my calendar and seeing the notations of things I have done brings those faded memories and the emotions they stirred (or not) to the forefront.

It runs the gamut:

  • Some professional matters that were so troubling and time consuming in January are but a distant memory now. The beauty of perspective is that many of those matters that kept me awake at night and provoked such anxiety, just faded away.
  • Other professional matters that didn’t just fade away with distance can be more thoroughly examined, and I can see what I can take from even the most negative experience in a more positive way.
  • Seeing the name of a social event brings to mind the happy occasion and the friends and family with whom I shared it.
  • Seeing crossed out days means time off from work, and I remember where I went and what I did as if it was yesterday as opposed to months ago
  • Some dates and times of the year bring up some sad memories, and that’s okay too.

We all remember how as children, time practically stood still and the thought of the passing of a year was an unimaginably long time. Unfortunately, as we get older and want to savor the time more than ever, years just fly by.

So, this year consider giving some thought to the past before planning for the future, and... Happy New Year.