How we can help?

At Paäge et Cie, you can rely on our family office services to help you with the specific
details of your personal finance ranging from repetitive chores, such as bill paying and bank
account management, to organizing and maintaining comprehensive financial records.

Our personal finance management saves a significant amount of time for busy
professionals and executives who want to use their time wisely—building their careers and
spending quality time with friends and family. It can also relieve a burden for active seniors
and older adults who would rather spend their time traveling, or visiting with loved ones.

Conserve your most precious resources—your time and energy—by letting a daily money
manager handle the details of your family office plan or your personal financial
management needs, such as:

● Open, sort, and review bills
● Organize and track billing information
● Pay bills electronically or manually—whichever you prefer
● Track and ensure timely payment of all bills
● Transfer funds and maintain accurate bank balances
● Reconcile bank and credit card statements
● Prepare and make bank deposits
● Provide monthly bill payment history
● Generate monthly inflow and outflow reports
● Create and monitor budget
● Give personal finance recommendations
● Secure financing for mortgages and loans
● Provide customized reports, based on your personal needs
● Monitor credit reports
● Work with financial team—lawyers, wealth managers, and accountants
● Furnish SSA with a completed Representative Payee Report
● Set-up, manage, and file payroll taxes for household employees
● Track finances throughout the year using personal financial management software
● Gather and organize quarterly and year-end tax documents for accountant
● Complete tax organizer and deliver all tax documents to accountant, on time
● Handle any disputes regarding payments on accounts we manage
● Maintain files for bills paid, bank and investment statements, and all documents we