How we can help?

Paäge et Cie works with individuals, and families of all ages, to reset the balance between
living their lives and managing their lives. We do this by designing, and then providing,
personalized household management and payroll services that meet our client’s individual

Our household management and payroll services dovetail perfectly with our lifestyle
management and bill paying services, making it a “must have” service for our clients.

Some of our clients include busy professionals with no time to spare, and older adults who
want to enjoy their later years doing what they love, including pursuing extensive travel

Here’s how we can help:

● Open, sort, and review all incoming mail
● Pay bills electronically or manually—whichever you prefer
● Reconcile bank and investment accounts
● Review insurance policies for proper coverage and work with broker to achieve
desired results
● Supervise household staff
● Oversee construction and home renovation projects
● Organize your space
● Manage philanthropic endeavors