How we can help?

Paäge et Cie’s customized approach frees you up to better manage and execute your
personal day-to-day affairs. By letting us handle the mundane tasks of everyday living, you
can focus on life’s priorities, enjoy time with loved ones, and pursue the things that matter

We’re not just a personal assistant or a lifestyle manager; we are our client’s financial
confidante—true to our tagline: “We Manage All Facets Of Your Life”.

Our tailored approach will:

● Supervise household staff and oversee primary and secondary homes
● Manage household payroll and taxes
● Assist with property purchasing and refinancing
● Challenge real estate property taxes
● Research, select, and hire vendors for home repair
● Negotiate, follow-up, and organize personal workload
● Find the best insurance products for health, home, valuables, and auto
● Set-up, organize, and maintain filing systems—including Important Documents
● Oversee and manage philanthropic endeavors
● Handle day-to-day affairs
● Act as your financial confidante