How we can help?

At Paäge et Cie, we understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with being an
executor. Estate Administration is an intricate process which requires patience, because it
takes so much time and attention to execute.

We can assist executors and trustees with the arduous task of preparing for probate
proceedings and administering the estate, as well as in carrying out the final wishes of the
decedent in accordance with state and federal laws.

Our Executor and Estate Support Services can include the following:

● Notify family, friends, associations, and financial advisors
● Assist with burial arrangements
● Arrange a re-pass, if needed
● Locate and organize estate documents and financial statements for the attorney
handling probate
● Prepare a list of personal property
● Identify beneficiaries such as individuals or charities
● Help distribute the assets
● Make arrangements for appraisers to review items for sale
● Contact auction house for liquidation of personal property
● Identify community-based organizations for donation of unwanted items
● Dispose of unwanted items not eligible for donation
● Coordinate change of address and mail forwarding
● Initiate or open estate bank account
● Pay debts, including funeral expenses
● Provide accountant with information to file estate tax return
● Bill Paying and Daily Money Management