How we can help?

Our household payroll service is designed to complement our personal assistant and
household management services.

With this convenient service, we take care of the payroll process and all payroll tax issues
that arise from hiring household help and, at the same time, fulfill the financial commitments you have to household staff—including a housekeeper, nanny, healthcare
provider, nurse, caregiver and other service providers.

We’re ready and able to completely assume all payroll management duties, such as:

● Apply for (if needed) state and federal Employer's Identification Number (EIN)
● Background and immigration status
● Obtain all required documents in compliance with state and federal laws
● Complete account set-up, including employment taxes and insurances
● Compile New Hire Reporting according to state laws
● Arrange Direct Deposit for household staff
● Complete Payroll Recordkeeping
● Prepare Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Reports
● Make all tax withholding payments on time
● Set-up, manage, and file payroll taxes for household employees
● Issue W-2s annually and on time
● File W-3s electronically
● Year-end payroll tax returns (Schedule-H)