How we can help?

“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it ” – Dr.
Samuel Johnson

One of the absolute best things you can do for your loved ones and your estate executor is
to get organized... now.

Our Important Document Services help up-and-coming executors organize their affairs so
all of their estate documents and vital information are located in one secure place. We help
you identify, locate, and record your important documents—ensuring that you have quick
access to your documents when you need them, all the time. Honestly, this is one of the
best legacies you can leave your loved ones and your executor.

The duties of an executor are to locate assets, pay the debts of the decedent, distribute the
assets to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the will, and arrange your final wishes
and funeral arrangements—including final resting place for the remains or cremains. The most challenging part of this process is to locate vital documents and instructions to settle the estate.

In our practice, here are some of the challenges we see when important documents and
financial affairs are not in order:

● In an emergency, families scramble to locate important papers such as wills,
advance directives, medical records, cemetery deeds, and even the name of the
cemetery and where the plot is located.
● Loved one's struggle needlessly due to poor financial planning or inadequate or
outdated advice.
● Older adults who live independently become so overwhelmed with routine daily
activities that they cannot make meaningful decisions concerning their estate
● Children with aging parents at a loss because they do not have a handle on their
parents’ important documents and their locations.

Paäge et Cie can help ensure these calamities never happen by getting your estate
documents and financial affairs in order now.