How we can help?

Paäge et Cie can assist you in obtaining the full benefits from health care coverage under
private and government health insurance plans—including Long Term Care and Catastrophic

We organize, submit, and manage medical claims with primary and secondary insurance
companies and ensure that they are processed accurately and on time.

Our medical claim assistance service will:

● Analyze insurance policy benefits and gaps in coverage
● Research and recommend supplemental medical and prescription coverage
● Sort and organize medical bills and related paperwork for accuracy and filing
● Submit and file medical claims with primary and secondary insurance companies
● Review and verify EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) against actual medical bills to
ensure accuracy
● Track each claim to ensure correct reimbursements are made
● Assist, whenever necessary, in challenging medical claims denials
● Negotiate
● Contact health care providers and insurance companies on behalf of clients
● Coordinate with healthcare providers to avoid duplicate payments, benefits, and
● Maintain a well-organized and easy-to-use filing system for all medical related